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  • TSP Solver - program pre hľadanie optimalnej trasy obchodného cestujúceho.

Welcome to the RoboPol website, which focuses on:

1. Implementation, deployment, certification of managerial systems in the fields of quality, environment, and safety.

  • Comprehensive consulting services according to the standards STN ISO 9001:2016, STN ISO 14001:2016, STN ISO 45001:2019. (15 years of experience in implementation)Improvement of activities, processes.
  • Proposals for improvement based on detailed company analysis.
  • Partnership dedicated to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 issues:

2. Programming services

  • Algorithm development, custom programming for customers. Application development in Python
  •  websites in HTML, CSS, PHP. 3.

3. Research and development in the field of natural sciences, popularization of natural sciences.

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