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TSP Solver is a program designed to solve the Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP), which involves finding the optimal route for a traveling salesperson. TSP Solver is written in the Python programming language. TSP is a well-known combinatorial problem that seeks to find the shortest possible route for a salesperson to visit a specified number of cities and return to the starting point.

TSP Solver is a tool that can be utilized in various industries and applications where optimizing a traveler's route is necessary. Using this program, it is possible to find efficient solutions for the Traveling Salesman Problem and improve the performance and efficiency of different processes and activities that require energy and time savings in manufacturing, transportation, and more. For example, it can help reduce production costs by determining the most efficient model for drilling holes in printed circuit boards or other objects.

Professional license:

The Professional license provides all the features of the TSP Solver program. The Professional license is suitable for companies in the transportation and industrial sectors. The utilization of TSP Solver is primarily in the optimization of production processes, specifically by finding the optimal route for machines.   
  • Create points
  • Import points from .txt file
  • Calculation for an unlimited number of points
  • Export routes
  • Import and export images
  • Modify graphic setting
  • Utilize the coordinate graph function, route zooming, graph export
  • Save and open ongoing project
  • Generate random points with subsequent calculations

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